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Brand Culture

  • Premiumization
    In the course of many years of development, Jinta has continuously adjusted its product positioning to make it more in line with the higher requirements of the market. Because Jinta realizes that China's shelf industry is more competitive in international competition, resulting in the industry's inability to develop healthily and rapidly, the "high-end" development concept proposed by Jinta represents the voice of the future development of China's shelf industry.
  • Internationality
    Participating in international competition and going global shows Jinta's long-term vision and broad vision for development. On the basis of solid domestic market share, Jinta is more focused on the expansion of the international market, not only gaining a firm foothold in developed countries, but also in Latin America, Africa, etc. Rapid rise in the vast market.
  • Quality
    Quality is the foundation of an enterprise. In terms of product quality, Jinta continuously introduces advanced equipment, establishes advanced enterprise management system, and continuously improves the inspection and inspection system to ensure that product quality is moving towards the goal of zero defects. In this way, customers can feel the charm of Jinta products and form a word-of-mouth effect in the industry.
  • Humanize
    Jinta pays attention to the user-friendly design of products at the user end, and has accumulated advanced experience in the industry. According to the needs of customer feedback, it grasps every detail and actively seeks the best solution, so that customers can get good results when using Jinta products. experience of use.
  • Innovation
    Maybe many people think that the shelf industry does not have much technological content, but Jinta has never stopped moving forward on the road of innovation. From the continuous introduction and use of new materials to the continuous optimization of the structure, Jinta is willing to invest in research and development expenses every year to promote product development. The continuous improvement of innovation ability, this subtle investment has brought a new development atmosphere to Jinta and the industry.